Hello there. I'm Brad Eshbach, a guy in Chicago. Creativity, making content, telling stories, and posi vibes are my jams.

I have an insane level of enthusiasm for technology, space, and using creativity to make people smile. I’m a Southerner in Chicago building cool shit with smart people.

During the Day: I make stuff, fly drones, and strategerize (“content innovation”) at SOCIALDEVIANT, a Chicago based startup hell bent on building the world's kindest company. And yes, we are hiring.

Side Hustles: People in Space is the first social network for zero gravity. Jaw-dropping photos, thought provoking observations, funny names, available in the app store. Highfives.co is an informal collective of digital creators and craftsmen building toys for our hyper-connected culture.

Elsewhere: I am bbbrad on all the things (twitter, instagram, tumblr, vine, etc..) EXCEPT snapchat (tryandbe)… I have a funny story about that one.

I'm lots of other places online... LMGTFY.